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Mapping Intertextualities: Asimov, Emerson, Coleridge, Hume

Asimov’s “Nightfall” (as the epigraph suggests, and the anecdote goes), arose from an argument he had with his editor John W. Campbell about Emerson’s essay “Nature.” It’s always worth stopping to think about moments, like this one, when fictions pointedly … Continue reading

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Just the other night was a Harvest Moon. I was trying to get home after a long day of classes and meetings, and people kept stopping randomly in the middle of the sidewalk. I nearly crashed into a few of … Continue reading

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When Words Do Not Suffice

As we discussed in class, the content of Lamia seems to be encapsulated in a moment from Rime of the Ancient Mariner:  Beyond the shadow of the ship,/ I watch’d the water-snakes:/ … O happy living things! no tongue/ Their beauty might declare:/ … Continue reading

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