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National Theatre Live’s Frankenstein

We’ve already had at least one review on an adaptation of Frankenstein, and it’s truly a testament to Shelley’s work that there are so many different incarnations of her story to be discussed. Last night for All Hallow’s Eve, I … Continue reading

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“Young Frankenstein”: Not a Frankenstein Adaptation

Before we leave Frankenstein too far behind, I invite you all to take a look back at 1974 and Mel Brooks’s “Young Frankenstein.” It was not the first comedy inspired by Shelley (see “Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein”), nor will … Continue reading

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Breaking Bad, heir to Frankenstein

So I guess I’m going to preface this blog post with one giant SPOILER ALERT. That being said, I couldn’t help noticing throughout our reading of Frankenstein that AMC’s hit critically acclaimed best show ever made Breaking Bad bears countless … Continue reading

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Freud and Frankenstein

Frankenstein, as we discussed in lecture this week, has many strange elements in regards to reproduction and family. Victor Frankenstein as a character is a bit of an eccentric oddball.  After our in class discussion about him and his oddities, … Continue reading

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Experience, Narrative, and So Many Coincidences in Frankenstein

In October 4th’s class, Professor Savarese asked a question that I wish we’d had more time to answer: “Do we experience the world in a narrative format?” This question emerged from a revelation from the end of Frankenstein that the … Continue reading

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Frankenstein’s Liminality & The Inheritance of His Creature

Throughout Shelley’s novel, Frankenstein is shown to understand the world in terms of in-between-ness—as both a world of reality and of “dreams…undisturbed by reality.” This is due to the fact that some of Frankenstein’s most striking character traits—such as being … Continue reading

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