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The empathic response

Philip K. Dick sets up empathy as a primary theme of Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?¬†As we learn through Rick Deckard, an automatic empathic response is the stark difference between humans and androids. But, unlike his predilection for exposition, … Continue reading

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A Primer in Time Travel

Since we just finished up The Time Machine, I figured for my review I would take a look at what has to be the most confusing, complex, existential-crisis-inducing time travel movie of all time. That’s right, I’m reviewing Primer. Primer … Continue reading

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Breaking Bad, heir to Frankenstein

So I guess I’m going to preface this blog post with one giant SPOILER ALERT. That being said, I couldn’t help noticing throughout our reading of Frankenstein that AMC’s hit critically acclaimed best show ever made Breaking Bad bears countless … Continue reading

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