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This Must Be How Androids Feel At Christmas Seems apropos for finals week. Thank you Norway for the finals Christmas tree.

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Holographic love:  I wanted to start out my post this time with a video. On one of my favorite shows, Archer, the scientist has a hologram girlfriend who he is off and on with throughout the series. Though he has … Continue reading

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Real Frankenstein? When I was listening to NPR this weekend there was a great segment on Radiolab called “Guts.” Yes, part of my fascination was my own personal Crohn’s disease (segment 3 of radio lab) and my literary crush on … Continue reading

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Color or Beauty?

First, let me apologize for not getting this post up sooner. I had a bit of a time attempting to unweave this poem for myself and find something that I could make sense of enough to gab about for a … Continue reading

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A Not-So-Modern Prometheus

On first, cursory and distracted viewing of this 12 minute film (I was watching it during commercial breaks of Breaking Bad) I immediately looked for something else on which to write my review. But, spurred on by laziness, and a … Continue reading

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