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Collective Identity in “A Cyborg Manifesto”

The main concept in “Cyborg Manifesto” calls arms to feminists to discard traditional female practices and stereotypes and to embrace metaphor of a “cyborg.” The cyborg differs from the traditional female human because it has no boundaries, is not afraid … Continue reading

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Alfonso Cuaron’s “Gravity” in Context to Literature and Science

There’s nothing more that says sci-fi than a film specifically set in space, as seen in Alfonso Cuaron’s newest released hit, “Gravity.” For those that are not familiar with the film, “Gravity” is a film mainly based around two core … Continue reading

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Illusions of Keats’ Femme Fatale

In “La Belle Dame sans Merci,” Keats places focus on the concept of illusions, like he did in “Lamia.” The dying knight, who meets the beautiful lady, ultimately falls victim to the illusion of her love and beauty. Interestingly, the … Continue reading

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