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Trailer for a film coming out next year, starring Johnny Depp, about the perils of the technological singularity. Happy holidays everyone!

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Review: The Mind Decoded by Berkeley’s Own, Professor Jack Gallant

In contrast to many of the reviews thus far, I chose to focus, not on an event or media resource, but on a science project in progress. Jack Gallant’s team at Berkeley is one of a few around the world … Continue reading

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In Love with the Machine

Today in lecture, we discussed the final scenes of “Do Androids Dream of Electric sheep?”, and the idea of man falling in love with his machine. In December, there is a film coming out–“Her,” by Spike Jonze–which explores this very … Continue reading

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Piercing the Veil

As with all the texts we have read thus far, H.G. Wells’ The Time Machine registers a tension between science and poetry, or language more broadly. Like Victor Frankenstein, the Time Traveller is a representative of a science that has … Continue reading

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Begin the World Again

Dreams are a recurring fixation in many of the works we’ve read thus far, and I’d like to discuss dreams in the context of Frankenstein.             Frankenstein centers on a Faustian figure that overleaps the bounds of the mortal world … Continue reading

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