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Humanities as butter

C.P. Snow talks at length about the polarization of and the existence of two distinct cultures, where “This polarisation is sheer loss to us all. To us as people, and to our society. It is at the same time practical … Continue reading

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Technological Singularity

This is a term I fished out from Mass Effect (a Sci-Fi RPG that spans three game titles). You can look into it further if you’d like, but the term I want to focus on is the idea of “technological … Continue reading

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When Words Do Not Suffice

As we discussed in class, the content of Lamia seems to be encapsulated in a moment from Rime of the Ancient Mariner:  Beyond the shadow of the ship,/ I watch’d the water-snakes:/ … O happy living things! no tongue/ Their beauty might declare:/ … Continue reading

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