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Neuromancer: Gibson’s Apathy Machine

Neuromancer—so what? My greatest difficulty with Neuromancer was the “so what?” factor; I personally did not care for the characters in this story, who all seemed fairly one-dimensional, therefore whatever happened to them or whatever emotions they did express seemed … Continue reading

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The “It” in Your Shoebox

Lovecraft’s “The Call of Cthulhu” and Shelley’s Frankenstein are two works that we have read/ are in the process of reading that feature narrators who struggle to cope with a reality that is irreconcilable with normality. In “The Call of … Continue reading

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Conversing as I may

Opposing Viewpoints Wordsworth’s poem “Expostulation and Reply” presents two friends’ competing viewpoints on humanity’s relation to the world. The title of the poem and the call and response format of Mathew and William’s interaction (also echoed by the alternate rhyme … Continue reading

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