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Blog Post on Blade Runner: Shifting the Question of Empathy from Androids to Humans

During our discussion on Blade Runner today, we talked a lot about the ways in which the movie characterized the androids as extremely empathetic, thereby shifting the narrative to the androids’ perspective rather than the human viewpoint that we get … Continue reading

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De-Extinction: Shelley’s dream of regeneration becoming a reality

I recently became aware of a process called “de-extinction” – the act of bringing an extinct species back to life – through an article from national geographic: I thought that this scientific debate on de-extinction would be interesting and … Continue reading

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Monstrosity in Frankenstein

For me personally, the idea of monstrosity in Frankenstein is something I find particularly interesting. What makes something or someone a monster? How does the novel portray monstrosity, and what is at stake in its interpretation? In lecture we talked … Continue reading

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