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Review: “The Little Black Box” by Philip K Dick

  Philip K. Dick’s “The Little Black Box” is the short story where he first introduces Mercerism and Empathy Boxes, devices that play a central rôle in his 1968 Novel Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? I’ve mentioned it a … Continue reading

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Calculating the past

 “As a historian,” Rebekah Higgitt is “always likely to be suspicious of the use of history to serve particular purposes”. Although she presents it rather straightforwardly, this is a controversial position to take.  The past and all of its temporal … Continue reading

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Murdering to Dissect

Hi everyone. First post LOL.  First, reread “I wandered lonely as a cloud”. Once you’re done cringing at how trite and sappy it is, check out this bit by Patton Oswalt. (trigger warning: homophobic language)  I don’t defend the homophobic … Continue reading

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