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Review: “Innovation Everywhere: Tech & Ideas”

I chose to review The Daily Californian’s week-old “Tech & Ideas” issue because of its timeliness and its proximity to Cal students. Unfortunately, my review itself was not so timely and so you’re reading this after the 24-hour deadline. But … Continue reading

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What is “human,” really?

In class, we’ve discussed how artificial intelligence is getting increasingly better at solving Turing tests, while human beings, who are supposed to excel at the tests, are actually getting worse at them. In Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? there … Continue reading

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Common senses of the world versus mysteries of the unknown

In his older age, Wordsworth could almost be likened to a Dawkins-type figure. While Wordsworth seems to still think of Nature as spiritual, he does end up deferring to common sense, or rather, his own personal common sense of how … Continue reading

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