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Review of “Philip K. Dick: The Penultimate Truth” (a documentary)

For all of you life-long Dick fans, this documentary (which chronicles Dick’s life and career) may be old news. But I was less familiar with his work before taking this course, and completely ignorant about most of his personal life, … Continue reading

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Transhumanism in Neuromancer

In lecture yesterday the professor mentioned that Neuromancer is the first truly posthuman text that we’ve read so far in the course, because most of the characters we meet are either cyborgs or entirely artificial. But the text is also … Continue reading

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Probability in Frankenstein

In lecture yesterday we discussed the theme of the supernatural in Frankenstein, particularly through the lens of Sir Walter Scott’s review of the text and his emphasis on probability. Upon initially reading Scott’s review, I found myself hesitant to accept … Continue reading

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