In Love with the Machine

Today in lecture, we discussed the final scenes of “Do Androids Dream of Electric sheep?”, and the idea of man falling in love with his machine. In December, there is a film coming out–“Her,” by Spike Jonze–which explores this very issue. Unfortunately, our class meetings may be over before the film is released, but I think it would make a really interesting supplement to our recent discussions.

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2 Responses to In Love with the Machine

  1. ebbwilliams says:

    I’m really looking forward to seeing this. Thanks for bringing it to our attention. I wish I could use it in the blog post I’m writing right now. I find the sexual elements of DADOES so intriguing and we really didn’t get a lot of time in class to talk about it.

    There is also an article on how Japanese men prefer online girlfriends to the real thing. Often these relationships take on a context of a high school relationship and the avatar for the Nintendo game is often a very young girl. That is another interesting dynamic that’s come up in Dick’s work as well as in HG Wells for this course. The fascination with the foreign, young female.

    Thanks for putting this movie on my radar!

  2. Good stuff! The movie does look really great–Spike Jonze is excellent for this sort of strange subject matter. Also, fascinating article!

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