Welcome to English 166, a Special Topics course on the subject of Romanticism in literature and science. This blog will serve as a home base for us, and will help link our class discussions at Barrows to the work you do at home.

A view of campus from Barrows Hall

View from Barrows Hall

I’ll be posting some notes about our class discussions, assignments, and readings. Once the semester is under way, each week will also feature several guest bloggers who will keep the conversation moving in new directions. It will also serve as a launchpad for exploring literary resources on the web.

You should set up your blogging account today so that we can get started right away next week, our first full week of classes. (Remember to ensure that it is a pseudonym–while you can build on your first name, you should leave your surname a mystery.) The WordPress sign-up page will give you the option of registering a free blog domain, but only do so if you’d like a blog of your own for purposes beyond this class. Otherwise, leave the domain name blank to register for a username only. Once your account is ready, test it out by leaving a comment on this post (see below). I will then be able to add you as an author: your pseudonym will appear on the right-hand toolbar, and you will be able to post content directly to this site.

As you get started, you should also review the course information, particularly the web policies. In addition to reviewing how the semester will be structured, you’ll find information on how we will be using these blogs and how to learn the WordPress platform. And, of course, I’m always available in office hours or by appointment to help you get started. Feel free to stop by or write me an email.

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33 Responses to Welcome

  1. Jack Skillet says:

    Looking forward to it!

  2. teithabess says:

    Excited for Wednesday!

  3. mercerism says:

    Commenting as requested.

    P.S. I got the best username and y’all be jealous.

  4. writinginmy says:


  5. dethsemane says:

    Sweet! lets get this thing going

  6. Clark Kupo says:

    Looking forward to it, guys!

  7. meetmytardis says:

    Looking forward to an exciting semester!

  8. elephantusk says:

    Excited for tomorrow!

  9. someblogthing says:


  10. ahhcoffee says:

    Hi everyone! Coming up with a name was harder than I thought…

  11. planetandroid says:

    good stuff

  12. johnbunyan1628 says:


  13. EbbWilliams says:

    I suppose technically I signed up before class started… or at least before attendance finished.

  14. albinusflaximus says:


  15. 4dsure says:

    I am here (but what would Blake say)?

  16. Demosthenes says:

    Greetings and salutations!

  17. I almost downloaded the whole WordPress app on my laptop before I realized all I needed to do was make an online account. Talk about making more work for myself …

  18. fearthefin says:


  19. shinybootsofleather22 says:

    Perhaps one of the most exciting courses I’ve taken so far! Looking forward to the semester.

  20. h0p3d1am0nd says:

    Hello there, everyone.

  21. MuppetTrumpet says:


  22. anglesbear says:

    Oops! I just read “Once your account is ready, test it out by leaving a comment on this post (see below)”. Testing testing 1,2, 3?

  23. dethsemane says:

    I fear I may not be author-ized.

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